Sugar, sugar!

At least five people have asked me if I’m craving pickles and ice cream now that I am pregnant.  Until now I have said “nope, no cravings”.  While I have definitely noticed a heightened sense of smell and taste, nothing has really turned me off or on.  I have always had a sweet tooth.  Long before pregnancy and long after the age of seven, a candy store has been a favourite place of mine.  I’ll take almost anything, chocolate, cake, etc, but my favourite things are often brightly colored and of the gummy persuasion.

So when I got pregnant, I didn’t think much of my sweet tooth craving.  But in the last few weeks, (in the middle of my second trimester, when they say things normalize…) this hankering for refined sugar has hit a new level.  Every time I go to a convenience store, drug store, or grocery store I have a battle with my will power.  Most of the time my will power wins (I swear!)!  I think of how absolutely useless it is to eat the junk and try to list all the bad things about it (tooth decay, etc).  I’m pretty impressed with myself.  About once a week though, I grab those gummy bears (or sour kids or skittles or fruit slices or swedish fish, you get the idea) and eat them one at a time as if each is the finest morsel on earth.  The ironic thing is that I usually get a headache or general feeling of awfulness after I’ve eaten them and still the next time I pass them on the way to the cashier I feel the pull!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving into cravings.  Pregnancy throws hormones, aches, emotions, and sensations at us that require a little extra comfort sometimes.  I do, however, think making an effort to keep a balanced diet is worth a little bit of a battle with our will power.  I have something sweet everyday, but it’s only once a week that it’s truly junk food.  Yogurt and frozen blueberries, honey nut cheerios, chocolate granola bar, I don’t consider them bad! In fact, this best ice cooler is really nice! You should peep it out!

Did you have pregnancy cravings?  Did junk food play mind games on you, too?!

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