International Babywearing Week!!

I love how there is a week for just about everything these days.  Here is one I look forward to celebrating when I have my little one (due in February); International Babywearing Week!  This year it is being held this week, Oct. 10th-16th.

I am really looking forward to “wearing” my baby.  I was always stealing my nieces from my sister anytime she took out her sling or carrier.  I love the closeness and functionality of it.

I’m looking for the perfect sling/wrap/carrier.  Any suggestions!?  I want to be able to breastfeed easily, have lots of back support, and the two of us to be very comfortable.  From my research, I think I want a wrap for the first few months, then a carrier around 6+ months.

What is your favourite baby sling/wrap/carrier?

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  1. We used a Moby style wrap for the first six months or so, alternated with a ring sling (which is convenient and pretty), and then moved up to a soft structured carrier (in our case, Ergo) alternated with ring sling. Ring slings allow the baby to nurse in a cradle position, and I think this is easier for nursing. You do have to switch them to the other side (the sling, and baby). But no matter what you choose, it’s not the carrier but the top – and Momzelle’s empire nursing tops make this much easier than hauling the tail of your shirt up through a tightly wrapped sling or carrier. I did have an infant insert for the ergo, but found it cumbersome for nursing. I used my ring sling during the day, at work, since I could both nurse him, carry him and sit at my desk (I rested him on a boppy, still in the sling). To this day he still loves to go to sleep at night in the ring sling! The other night I put him in it and he said “night, night” (he’s 16 months).

    1. That’s so true! I fully anticipate wearing a momzelle top, pretty much every day that I am nursing! I can see how much it facilitates nursing a baby in a carrier.
      Thanks for the advice. It’s great to hear your son loves being in the ring sling.

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