How “crunchy” am I?

As I get further along in my pregnancy (five months now!) and further along at my new job as a blogger of breastfeeding and other mom things, I keep coming across the term “crunchy mom”.  I like the idea of being “crunchy”, from what I understand of it.
Here is one definition I found at

Crunchy Mama:
Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline,cenaless funciona, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods. See
crunchy and hippie.

I have  a hard time committing to one (very general) definition!  I will say I want to be a fairly crunchy mom.  But let me also preface this by saying that I’m not quite sure what all is encompassed in being “crunchy”…
These are my intentions of crunchiness:

  • I will breastfeed
  • I will start with cloth diapers (not sure how long I will continue with them, the poop seems to get quite scary!)
  • I plan to puree my own baby food (but it probably won’t be organic all the time)
  • I want to baby wear as much as possible
  • I will nurse at least a year
  • I am planning a natural birth (zero medical intervention, if possible) with a doula (in a hospital, as I haven’t been called for the midwife clinic waiting list yet, so wish me luck!)
  • I plan to have mostly used/hand-me-down baby things such as stroller, playpen, etc (mostly for my budget, but also for the environment)
  • I am taking a yoga class and am interested in the idea of hypno-birthing (must do more research!)

As you can see with all the above brackets, that I may not qualify as a “crunchy mom”!  But I like the idea of making the world as natural, safe and interesting as possible for my family.

Do you fit into a specific parenting label?

Are you a crunchy mom?  What makes you so?

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