Bon Voyage!

I spent fifteen hours traveling yesterday to get from Montreal to Nelson, BC.  I came to the beautiful Kootenays to visit my dearest friend.  My mentality when booking my flight (and bus…) was that I needed to treat myself to a getaway before the baby arrives.  I have read many times that the second trimester is the time get out there and go on a trip.  It seems to be true.  I was quite comfortable and only had to pack for one!  It made me think of my impending parenthood.  Will flying be quite so fun then?

When I think of all the upcoming challenges of having a child, flying with them seems to be the one that really makes you brave.  Breastfeeding in public is nothing compared with the sighs of disdain from a plane load of people when they see you board with baby.  It is a shame that strangers are not more supportive, considering most likely they’ve done it too! 

My first experience traveling with children was when I accompanied my sister and nieces to visit my grandmother.  Zoe was 2 1/2 years old and Avery was seven months.  My sister and I were prepared with a battery of books, toys and songs.  One of my all time favourite memories with my nieces was Zoe sitting on my lap on that plane as we quietly sang every nursery rhyme I knew until she stopped singing and snoozed.  The girls required our full attention, but as long we kept them busy everyone had a good time.  I found the whole trip wonderfully fun and I hope that I take this attitude with me when it is my own children!

What advice to do you have for flying with children?  How do you keep them entertained?  Would you rather have a root canal :)?

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