Bon Voyage!

I spent fifteen hours traveling yesterday to get from Montreal to Nelson, BC.  I came to the beautiful Kootenays to visit my dearest friend.  My mentality when booking my flight (and bus…) was that I needed to treat myself to a getaway before the baby arrives.  I have read many times that the second trimester … Continue reading “Bon Voyage!”

Baby signs and breastfeeding

I read a very interesting blog post on today.  A mother was describing how communicating with her children through baby signs enriched their breastfeeding relationship, click here to read the article.  She was able to discover the different reasons her child wanted to breastfeed.  Having insight into how her child viewed breastfeeding, the mother … Continue reading “Baby signs and breastfeeding”

Who is your biggest supporter?

When it comes to breastfeeding, it seems that a woman is on her own.  She is solely responsible for feeding and nourishing the baby.  It is her breast milk that will ensure her child grows and flourishes through infancy.  That’s a bit of pressure! Of course, if it goes swimmingly, breastfeeding is one of the … Continue reading “Who is your biggest supporter?”

International Babywearing Week!!

I love how there is a week for just about everything these days.  Here is one I look forward to celebrating when I have my little one (due in February); International Babywearing Week!  This year it is being held this week, Oct. 10th-16th. I am really looking forward to “wearing” my baby.  I was always … Continue reading “International Babywearing Week!!”

Desiring a Doula

I am in research mode.  I have hit twenty-two weeks in my pregnancy and I am devouring any and all information I can to help me with my plan to have a natural childbirth.  I have discovered that I want a doula. Here is the role of a birth doula from DONA International: Recognizes birth … Continue reading “Desiring a Doula”

Family gatherings. Yay or nay?

With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I wondered how breastfeeding mothers fair at such family events.  I am not due until February, so I will not be breastfeeding at the two biggest family gatherings this year.  Let’s say I’m preparing for Easter! It would seem to me (as an eager mom-to-be), that a family gathering should … Continue reading “Family gatherings. Yay or nay?”

How “crunchy” am I?

As I get further along in my pregnancy (five months now!) and further along at my new job as a blogger of breastfeeding and other mom things, I keep coming across the term “crunchy mom”.  I like the idea of being “crunchy”, from what I understand of it. Here is one definition I found at … Continue reading “How “crunchy” am I?”

Monday’s Breastfeeding Inspiration

Instead of a quote or a video, this week I wanted to share an article and an idea! Let’s laugh.  That is the idea and in England on a weekday afternoon in the back of a pub, you just might find a gaggle of moms with their babies doing just that.  Instead of a matinee … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Inspiration”