Momzelle perks!

Now that I have been the blog and social media writer at Momzelle for just over a month, I thought I’d take the time to reflect a little…

Working for Momzelle is just perfect for me.  First, I’m due this February with my first child, so the topics Momzelle cares about are the same ones I do.  I get to learn so much about what to expect and be a part of a community of like-minded women.  It feels great to connect and share stories and news with amazing breastfeeding mothers.

I get an inside view of how Christine and Vincent (the sibling founders of Momzelle) run this amazing company (a company that won CYBF’s best socially-minded company of 2010, just to brag a little, I’m very proud of them!).

I also happen to live across the street from the office in Montreal; I can’t complain about the commute.  And yesterday when I sat down my baby-bulging belly popped the button of my shorts off and Christine gave me a Momzelle nursing band to wear!  Now that’s a company perk!


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