Milk, it’s in you to give

The concept of milk banks is new to me.  I remember a while back when Salma Hayek nursed a malnourished African child; it was the first time I thought breast milk could be so powerful to more than the family using it, but I had never heard of a milk bank.
I was really moved by an article called The Gift of Milk I read on  It was about a mom that was back at work and pumping hard for her child.  Her child was refusing the bottle so the milk started piling up in the freezer.  To read the article click here.
The reaction from the nurse when she donated the milk and the writer’s sense of fulfillment was very inspiring.

At this time there is only one official milk bank in Canada.  Milk sharing is a mother-led movement, connecting donors with families wanting to give breast milk but who are unable.  MilkShare and Eats onFeets are examples of milk sharing websites.  It is obviously something that requires diligence and research.

Is it a choice you would make if unable to breastfeed your infant?


Here is more information about human milk banks and milk sharing:
Human Milk Bank Association of North America
Milk banking FAQ
Momzelle blog entry.  Christine wrote this over two years ago and it’s still very informative and relevant today.
Infact Canada

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  1. My sister and I who are both nursing our babies, have always said we are blessed to have a woman in our lives that could feed our baby if something were to happen to the other. Then we realised, something didn’t have to happen, for us to help each other out. My sister was down in the dumps one day and I was helping her out around home. Her daughter initiated nursing from me, and I just went with it. That was very cool, I can’t even desribe it. Did she feel that familial connection? Whatever it was, we bonded, and my sister rested 🙂

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