Making breastfeeding look bad. No thank you!

I don’t like to write about negative things, but I just had to post about this evenflo marketing campaign.  I’ve had an extended long weekend away from my computer and as I catch up with all the breastfeeding news this morning I am shocked to see this video!

I am not shocked to read all the outraged comments on twitter or facebook.  We’ve recently been told that breastfeeding mothers have “mama bear” tendencies, so it was no surprise that the claws came out.

I am not yet breastfeeding.  When my first child is born in February, I will get an even better sense of the offending nature of this ad campaign.  As a consumer though, I am fully aware of the distasteful way absolutely every character is portrayed.  It’s insulting to everyone (especially me, the viewer!).  The overbearing mother-in-law, the bumbling grandpa, the passive husband and the ever-cleaning, irritated mom; how original!  It insults my intelligence and they are trying to be funny.

Here is a wonderfully eloquent post by PhD in Parenting that expresses just why it is so disappointing to see a company go wrong.


5 thoughts on “Making breastfeeding look bad. No thank you!”

  1. I actually laughed at this one! Its true, That was my mother in law, and I wish I had a pump that would work that fast just to shut her up! I BF my second until he was almost 1 and I in no way find this rude… It’s freakin truthful! Come on people, can’t we laugh at this???

    1. That is very funny. I did that to my hubby once ( pretend to put it in his cup of tea ) and he almost spat it right back up 🙂

    2. I’m glad you were able to find humour in it. I find it so interesting to post things like this. There are so many different opinions!

  2. For me, the issue is not the stereotyping (while it’s irritating that they are lacking in original material, I know of some people where these stereotypes do indeed hold true).

    For me, the issue is the fact that the new mom goes against her gut instinct (which for me would have been screaming at me to tell whomever was pestering me in such a manner to go Eff themselves), no instead she goes, she pumps and she let’s herself be bullied into giving her child a bottle.

    That is not me saying that bottles are inherently evil or that pumping is wrong. That is me saying that forcing someone (by passively aggressively questioning their parenting methods) into giving their baby a bottle is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    Instead of pestering the new mom to pump, so that they could feed baby. Why wasn’t the mother-in-law offering to help around the house so that mom could spend some quiet time with babe? Nurse babe and then *gasp* grandma could get sweet snuggles in after (and maybe mom could grab a nap).

    1. Very well said! I agree, I have no judgement about pumping or bottle feeding. We have to do what feels right for our baby and ourselves. It is being bullied and pressured to do something you’d rather not do to please others (or make them feel comfortable) that I take issue with.

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