Got milk?

Here is quite the tale!

It starts with “the breast milk dad”, a man from California who decided to blog about his effort to use up the freezer full of breast milk his wife had produced while nursing their baby.  This baby is now weaned and the milk was just taking up space.  The couple had apparently tried to donate it, but to no avail.  So Dad goes on a breast milk only diet, forsaking food.

Within two weeks, the uproar was too much to bear and the couple pulled the blog and stopped the stunt.  Outcries to donate the milk eventually led the couple to Emma Kwasnica of Human Milk 4 Human Babies.  Emma put them in touch with a mother of quadruplets in California!  The breast milk is now nourishing four little babies, instead of one grown man.
Click here to read the full article (and see the adorable quadruplets!).

This story coincides with the official World Milksharing Week , September 24-30 2011.

Have you or would you use donated breast milk?  Have you donated breast milk?

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