Breastfeeding Challenge 2011

Tomorrow, October 1st, is the Breastfeeding Challenge.  In Canada, it kicks off World Breastfeeding Week, which we celebrate from Oct 1st to 7th (I don’t know why it’s two months later than when most of the rest of the world celebrated it!) The Breastfeeding Challenge is not just a Canadian event, though.  This year it … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Challenge 2011”

Got milk?

Here is quite the tale! It starts with “the breast milk dad”, a man from California who decided to blog about his effort to use up the freezer full of breast milk his wife had produced while nursing their baby.  This baby is now weaned and the milk was just taking up space.  The couple … Continue reading “Got milk?”

Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt How true.  It even seems to be the case with breastfeeding.  I am reading, researching and joining groups to find out as much information as I can, but I know when my baby arrives … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote”

Gender Loving Care?

Earlier this week, I read a blog post by Alpha Parent called Who is best to parent?  Boys or girls? It is an excellent article designed to help people who are dealing with gender disappointment.  I am twenty weeks pregnant and my husband and I have decided to keep the gender a surprise until delivery … Continue reading “Gender Loving Care?”

Milk, it’s in you to give

The concept of milk banks is new to me.  I remember a while back when Salma Hayek nursed a malnourished African child; it was the first time I thought breast milk could be so powerful to more than the family using it, but I had never heard of a milk bank. I was really moved … Continue reading “Milk, it’s in you to give”

Momzelle perks!

Now that I have been the blog and social media writer at Momzelle for just over a month, I thought I’d take the time to reflect a little… Working for Momzelle is just perfect for me.  First, I’m due this February with my first child, so the topics Momzelle cares about are the same ones … Continue reading “Momzelle perks!”

Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories. ~ John Wilmot So it is not a direct breastfeeding quote, but I think the sentiment still applies.  Whether it is parenting theories or ideas about breastfeeding, before and after actually having children can make … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote”

The Birth Plan – Breastfeeding and Beyond

Most of my readers, I assume, are already breastfeeding mothers.  I would love your help and advice on this post’s topic! Did you write a birth plan? I plan on writing one.  I am having a hospital birth because the waiting lists for midwives is long and lonely in Montreal (to be fair, we just … Continue reading “The Birth Plan – Breastfeeding and Beyond”

Making breastfeeding look bad. No thank you!

I don’t like to write about negative things, but I just had to post about this evenflo marketing campaign.  I’ve had an extended long weekend away from my computer and as I catch up with all the breastfeeding news this morning I am shocked to see this video! I am not shocked to read all … Continue reading “Making breastfeeding look bad. No thank you!”