The Today Show and the NIP

It has been all over the blogs, twitter and facebook; the Today Show comparing breastfeeding in public to going to the bathroom in public.  It was a segment where the host and three guest panelists were discussing and debating a myriad of topics.  It was very bizarre television.  Who are these people and why are we listening to their particular opinions?  Here is the link in case you missed the heated towel racks review.  The part about NIP begins around 5:45 and is quite short, only a few minutes.
I have read many irate comments which I don’t think helps the issue, but was very impressed by the response written on The Bebe Diaries by katiezoe.  It was just so eloquent and passionate.  Indeed, there is a bit of anger there, but it’s more frustration and she makes a good argument!

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