Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

The benefits to the mother of immediate breastfeeding are innumerable, not the least of which after the weariness of labor and birth is the emotional gratification, the feeling of strength, the composure, and the sense of fulfillment that comes with the handling and suckling of the baby.
~Ashley Montague

I have just moved to a new city and I needed to find a doctor quickly, as I am fourteen weeks pregnant.  I feel quite lucky to have found one and even luckier that the hospital I will be delivering at has a very comprehensive breastfeeding policy.  They have taken it from the recommendations of the WHO.  It ensures that I will be given immediate opportunity to breastfeed.  It is so important to me and this quote gives me yet another perspective.  I wanted to have skin to skin contact immediately for the benefit of the child, to help us bond, to comfort them, to provide them nourishment and security, but I didn’t think about how I would benefit too!

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