Breastfeeding and Dads

My anticipation for breastfeeding is quite high.  I am fifteen weeks pregnant and just rearing to go!  I was having a discussion with my husband the other day and he was worried about how long my mother would be staying with us when the baby was born.  He is worried his opportunities to bond with the baby will be minimized if my mom is here.  It made me think about all the time that I will be breastfeeding.  Will he feel left out?  How can I include him in the experience itself?

I have no doubt that he will bond with the baby in lots of ways; holding, washing, changing, rocking, and loving.  The most obvious way I can see to include him in the breastfeeding experience is to encourage and acknowledge his support of me, and I don’t just mean get him to bring me food and water and tell me I’m doing a great job (though that would be nice:))  The emotional support I will need from him will be essential to our breastfeeding success.  Humor, love and different perspectives make our relationship strong and I hope these traits will see us triumphant in parenting as well.

I admit that I am quite excited to have a special bond with my baby.  A mother/child bond that is unique only to me, but I can’t think of anything better than seeing my husband have his own bond with our children.  I can imagine him out on the driveway with the basketball or helping with math homework, but it’s hard for me to see him running home from work to change diapers!

How did you include the father in the early days of your child’s life?

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4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and Dads”

  1. My hubby was very supportive in making sure my son and I were always comfortable. He would always bring me water (especially those first few weeks) when you are SO THIRSTY.
    When we went out or visiting, he would always make sure he found us a nice quiet place to nurse. By asking the host, or setting up a lawn chair in the shade.
    My hubby comes from a formula fed family, and I am the first woman to bring nursing into his life. He has JUMPED at every opportunity to make sure that breastfeeding was successful in our household, and today at 15 months and going strong, he still enjoys sitting with us while we feed. He’ll even pretend to nurse, and it makes my son soo possessive. Such wonderful little moments!

    1. Thanks for sharing Shannon. That is great that your husband embraced breastfeeding! Support for breastfeeding in public is certainly important. Congrats for nursing into toddlerhood!

  2. My husband made the effort to do other things with the baby, like snuggle or rock her to sleep, change her, and give her a bath. At night sometimes he would get her up, change her, and hand her to me to be nursed back to sleep. He knew I was very focused on breastfeeding and so was very supportive when I had some struggles with it– he never suggesting weaning, just working through the issues with the help of a lactation consultant.

    1. It’s so nice that your husband supported you through the tough times. That is the emotional support I’m hoping for! I think it’s important that he didn’t suggest weaning, knowing that you needed his encouragement to get through.

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