Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote is Back!

It has been a while since I posted a Monday’s breastfeeding quote. This morning I was reading an article about how to help mothers feel good about breastfeeding in public (basically what Momzelle is all about!), and  found this, with regards to what makes moms nurse for longer:

“The key to being successful is being able to nurse anywhere.”

Claire Latham, La Leche League leader and mother of two, Springfield, Va.

(as quoted on

We just came back from the BabyTime Show in Toronto and I often heard mothers say that they’d rather pump a bottle than nurse in public. Wouldn’t life be easier if they felt good about breastfeeding in public? Some moms have such a hard time pumping a bottle… Feeling good about breastfeeding in public is definitely a key factor to successful breastfeeding!


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote is Back!”

  1. Unfortunately, it is not always the ONLY key to success. I have no problems with breastfeeding in public – I am even proud to, and when someone looks at me strange, my husband is ready to break their legs – so to speak! However, a low milk supply, a difficult baby and fibromyalgia DID almost make me fail. I think a circle of support from friends, family and professionals made my success and I think are equally as important as the right to breastfeed in public!

  2. Amen to that! At first, I was anxious about NIP. But later on, I don’t care anymore. I’m just thankful that the people in my location does not give those disrespectful stares or comments. Or I’d probably be NIJ – Nursing in Jail.

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