New fancy nursing top + the perfect nursing dress to wear at a wedding!

A fancy nursing top

About two weeks ago, we received a new nursing top. It is dressier than the tops we usually make, so we have decided to call it the “fancy nursing top“. It has 3/4 sleeves, a draped neck (you pull down the neckline – super easy – to access the breast), and it comes in two colours: black and electric blue. I’m not very good at colour naming, so you may also read “royal blue” in the product description. The fabric is 90% viscose and 10% spandex, so it has a nice stretch and a very soft hand. I believe this top would be perfect for special events, nights out at the restaurant with your beau (Valentine’s Day is coming soon…), or just to feel very pretty. We’ve already sold a lot of them, so hurry if you want one because it may take a little while before we receive a second batch!

A nursing dress to wear at a wedding

Yes, look no further, you have found the nursing dress you need for your sister-in-law’s wedding. Even if the knot at the side of the dress unties, your underwear will not show, it is a faux-wrap. The tie is there to make for a perfect fit and adds dimension to the dress. I love the way this dress falls. It is sexy without being too much because it does not cling to the body (although I would not wear heavy cotton briefs underneath… it may show!). I have seen women with very heavy breasts (double G) wear it and it was perfect. I have also seen women with smaller breasts wear it (me being one of them) and it did fit wonderfully too. The dress is made out of the same material as the fancy top (90% viscose and 10% spandex). It would be perfect to wear at a wedding, but it is also a wearable dress, which means that you can wear it more than once! I would totally wear it at a fancy occasion (graduation, wedding, anniversary). No one will know it is a nursing dress (but your baby will very easily access the milk supplies). One of the very good sides of this dress is that even if you have just given birth and still have the baby-tummy, this will not hug it at all. It is not only forgiving and it will make the best out of your curves. Of course, a black dress is always useful, but if you’re looking to add some colour to your wardrobe, the fushia dress is fabulous. It would brighten any winter day, and most probably flatter any kind of tan in the summer (having some kin with Snow White, I really would not know that, but I have a feeling that all darker skin tones would look amazing in it).

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