OMG, Facebook just erased the Momzelle Facebook page!

I am speechless. How could the Momzelle Breastfeeding Apparel Facebook page be considered offensive? The pictures that were posted were certainly not obscene. We can’t even tell that mothers are breastfeeding when they use a Momzelle nursing top! I just wrote to the Facebook administration as I believe they made a mistake and I hope they will reply shortly.  I was already a member of the group “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene”, but I never thought that “my” pictures would be taken down, let alone the whole Facebook page promoting public breastfeeding.

I feel like I was told to get out of a public space because I was breastfeeding, no matter how discreet I was being. It is really really really hard not to feel offended.

What would you do if Momzelle was your business? Would you send a press release to the media? I wish this was not happening…

3 thoughts on “OMG, Facebook just erased the Momzelle Facebook page!”

  1. i know about the situation, i have a lot of parenting/mothering/pregnancy groups on my fb, and i see sometimes some of them kicked out by facebook.

    this is an automatic system. not related to what content you have on your site. there is a mafia on facebook, some acting group of people crawling the fb in search of pregnancy/breastfeeding related groups/people to kick them out of the system by reporting them as dangerous.

    these people are numerous, they have all rights because they can not be tracked, they are similar to a pro-bottle group… they manifest that way, silently, and are hard to track.

    the report system in facebook is automatic, driven by a calculation of simple variables: number of members / number of reports… if you have 1500 members, count about 50 people reporting the group and it will be closed automatically… they may simply have sent 50 of their people to report your group… that’s how the system works and they know it.

    the facebook owner is pro-life and pro-choices, so i’m sure it’s not an internal rule to kick out these…

    –Jean-Pierre, from

    1. Good morning Jean-Pierre (ou plutôt, bonjour Jean-Pierre!), thank you for sharing your conspiracy theory! Can you tell me where you saw that the system was automated (and after how many complaints)? When they put the Facebook page back up on Nov. 11th, in the evening, Facebook said it had been taken down because of an unfounded complaint related to intellectual property. Which would mean that ONE unfounded complaint was the cause of our page being taken down. I do not know what to think about that, but I’m very grateful our page is back, for Momzelle and for all breastfeeding mothers.

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