Thank you for nursing in public + advice to men

I stumbled across these cards this morning and I think they are fantastic. The two ladies at the head of this blog about kindness dig for beautiful and simple expressions of love, respect and kindness. Looking at the images and reading the poems they post is enough to make you feel like a better person. I really like that one of the acts of kindness that they suggest is to give one these free downloadable cards to a nursing mom. Have you ever received one? Would you consider offering one?

Advice to men who see a woman nursing in public

This actually reminds me of a guy I met not too long ago. He asked me very genuinely what he should be doing when he sees a woman breastfeeding in public, as he felt uncomfortable and did not know what was appropriate. He did not want to be offensive by looking at her, but also did not want to make her feel like she was doing something wrong by quickly looking away. I suggested to him to look at the mother in the eyes (acknowledge), smile briefly (approve), then do whatever he was about to do. What do you think of my answer?

To download the set of 8 cards for free, visit this “Kind over matter” blog‘s entry.

Nursing in public thank you card

2 thoughts on “Thank you for nursing in public + advice to men”

    1. Yes, I think so too. However, it may seem a little odd at first to receive a card from a stranger; the only ones I ever received were from people asking for charity. It would be a nice surprise to get a thank you note instead!

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