Mother-child Themed Novel Nominated for Man Booker Prize

Wow! There are days like this one when I am very happy to subscribe to so many e-newsletters (the content below is from Infact Canada, a great organization that does lots to support breastfeeding mothers, which is why I left in place the “donate now” button…). Congratulations to Emma Donoghue for her novel and her nomination for the prestigious Man Booker Prize. Now I know what I am going to read this weekend!

Room novel cover

Room is an amazing novel of love and survival of a mother and her child living under the darkest of circumstances.

Room by Emma Donoghue, is a must read for all involved in the breastfeeding movement. Her book Room nominated for worlds most prestigious book award, the Man Booker Prize in literature, is about a five year old boy, Jack and his mother who are held captive in a small room with no access to the outside world. Told from the voice of Jack, born in this extraordinary prison, is a powerful story of love between a mother and her child; about a mother who creates an imaginative life full of fun and invention with her child in the room and where having some – sometimes the left or sometimes the right – plays a key role in this unique relationship.

Emma Donoghue, born in Ireland, has two children and lives in London, Ontario.

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Room page on author’s website:

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