Mother-child Themed Novel Nominated for Man Booker Prize

Wow! There are days like this one when I am very happy to subscribe to so many e-newsletters (the content below is from Infact Canada, a great organization that does lots to support breastfeeding mothers, which is why I left in place the “donate now” button…). Congratulations to Emma Donoghue for her novel and her … Continue reading “Mother-child Themed Novel Nominated for Man Booker Prize”

Thank you for nursing in public + advice to men

I stumbled across these cards this morning and I think they are fantastic. The two ladies at the head of this blog about kindness dig for beautiful and simple expressions of love, respect and kindness. Looking at the images and reading the poems they post is enough to make you feel like a better person. … Continue reading “Thank you for nursing in public + advice to men”

Hooray for nursing moms!

“Hooray for nursing moms!”  is one of the numerous comments I received after Reuters, the news agency, published an article + video + entrepreneurial journal about Momzelle on their website. It made me think: merely by existing and by catering exclusively to nursing mothers, Momzelle promotes breastfeeding. This is one of the greatest feelings ever: … Continue reading “Hooray for nursing moms!”