More breastfeeding on TV!

I was very lucky to be invited to the Daytime Toronto show on Rogers TV on Tuesday September 28th. Two wonderful moms were with me and demonstrated how the Momzelle nursing tops work. One of them even breastfed on TV! Cute moms, cute babies, cute clothes: that’s the life. Enjoy watching!

Breastfeeding Quote of the day

Like. Like. Like. I wish I could be the one patting every breastfeeding mom on the back every time they nurse! It is so comforting to know that there are others to comfort and support you when you need it. “In some cultures it is considered a child’s birthright to be nursed until the age … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Quote of the day”

Breastfeeding Challenge 2010

Do you know what the breastfeeding challenge is? It is a friendly competition between cities to see who can get the most babies latched on at the breast at the same time, on the same day. Created by the Quintessence Foundation, the purpose of the challenge is to celebrate breastfeeding and get people together. Sounds … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Challenge 2010”

New breastfeeding stats are out for the US

The US Breastfeeding report card is out for 2010. Stats fanatics, have fun  reading it! Look at what your own state can do to improve its breastfeeding rates. I find it quite impressive to see the wide variation between the states. How did yours do? Taken straight from the Centre for Disease and Prevention Centre’s website, here … Continue reading “New breastfeeding stats are out for the US”

The new styles are in!

Hurry, buy the hoody before there’s none left! I think I’ve already read 40 comments about the hoody on the Momzelle Facebook page. Moms just seem to love it so much, it’s not funny. True enough, last year we sold them all out very quickly and we only received positive comments. We are on for … Continue reading “The new styles are in!”