Nursing moms in the GTA wanted for a book project

Call for nursing moms in the Greater Toronto Area

Two photographers, neighbours of mine, have this great project for a book and are looking for nursing mothers to share their nursing story and have their portraits taken.  I thought I’d share this here, as you may be interested!

Are you a breastfeeding mother?
We are two breastfeeding mothers who want to create a contemporary children’s book featuring portraits of breastfeeding moms and their children. Would you like to have your portrait taken and tell your nursing story?

We are looking for nursing mothers who have a variety of breastfeeding experiences–mothers who are nursing infants, toddlers, (or both), mothers who nurse in public places, at work or in the comfort of your home, mothers from a variety of cultures, communities and language groups.

If you are in the Toronto area and would like to participate, please do get in touch with Martha and Kathryn:

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