From Angelina Jolie to Gwen Stefani: celebrating breastfeeding celebrities

Get inspired: celebrities breastfeed too! Here is a little compilation, in alphabetical order, of well known breastfeeding celebrities. These supermodels, actresses, and singers are beautiful, they are sexy and, above all, they are women and nursing mothers like you and me. If you are a celebrity reading this, and you would like to be listed here, please send me an email at info @

The nursing stars. A list of breastfeeding celebrities

Christina Aguilera

Tori Amos

Erykah Badu

Monica Belluci

Juliette Binoche

Gisele Bundchen

Cindy Crawford

Jodie Foster

Jennifer Garner

Karenna Gore Schiff

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jerry Hall

Salma Hayek

Faith Hill

Angelina Jolie

Kourtney Kardashian

Elle MacPherson

Mary-Louise Parker

Gabrielle Reece

Kelly Rutherford

Gwen Stefani

Naomi Watts

Kendra Wilkinson

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Maggie Gyllenhaal breastfeeding. Source: INF Daily

How does it make you feel to know these celebrities breastfed their babies, some for over two years?


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