Tomorrow: picture day!

It’s that time of year again. We have received new styles and new colours of Momzelle nursing tops for Fall and tomorrow we will have them professionally photographed. Real nursing moms will be posing for your benefit. I LOVE photo shoots. Every time there is a new one I become very excited. Hiring the photographer, … Continue reading “Tomorrow: picture day!”

Guest post: 1rst Yoga move of the month by DeGrace

I’m very excited, as this is our first guest post ever on the Momzelle blog. Amanda DeGrace, a Canadian mom who loves to wear her Momzelle nursing top when she feeds her baby, has suggested to present one yoga move per month. Amanda has her own yoga studio in Ottawa and she specializes in yoga … Continue reading “Guest post: 1rst Yoga move of the month by DeGrace”

A wonderful gift: today’s breastfeeding quote

This morning I looked at an old issue of Today’s Parent magazine that was on my coffee table (I kept it because it gave great ideas about how to organize children’s birthday parties), and read about competition between mothers. The article seemed to consider “competitive” the fact to tell your child, when giving him an … Continue reading “A wonderful gift: today’s breastfeeding quote”

From Angelina Jolie to Gwen Stefani: celebrating breastfeeding celebrities

Get inspired: celebrities breastfeed too! Here is a little compilation, in alphabetical order, of well known breastfeeding celebrities. These supermodels, actresses, and singers are beautiful, they are sexy and, above all, they are women and nursing mothers like you and me. If you are a celebrity reading this, and you would like to be listed … Continue reading “From Angelina Jolie to Gwen Stefani: celebrating breastfeeding celebrities”

Nursing moms in the GTA wanted for a book project

Call for nursing moms in the Greater Toronto Area Two photographers, neighbours of mine, have this great project for a book and are looking for nursing mothers to share their nursing story and have their portraits taken.  I thought I’d share this here, as you may be interested! Are you a breastfeeding mother? We are … Continue reading “Nursing moms in the GTA wanted for a book project”