Quote of the day

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Albert Einstein

I am thinking about this as I look at my little girl in the bath tub, playing with a clay pot. As a parent, I often feel like I should be flashing cards in front of my child, to make sure that I am teaching her as much as I can. Every little moment is a learning opportunity; the bath is filled with foam alphabet letters although she can’t read, we sing numbers and the alphabet countless times per day, hoping that she will memorize it. Then I read a quote like this one and I drop it. Imagination is such a gift, it carries us through life, comforting us when we need it the most and making the future resonate with possibilities and potential. Nothing will ever replace what occurs in our head. Luckily it seems like children naturally know that. When a baby is latched on his mother’s breast, the most wonderful stories are probably going through his mind.


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