Vacation time (for me!): Orders will leave as usual

Hello! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be away on vacation for the next two weeks. I will be back on August 9th. Orders will be leaving as usual, so indulge if you feel like it! Many nursing tops have never been available at such a low price (up to … Continue reading “Vacation time (for me!): Orders will leave as usual”

Gimme a drink! Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Note from Editor: This is one of our most popular articles! We have updated all the links and the information is accurate. (December 2017) Can you drink alcohol while breastfeeding? You didn’t drink for 9 months and you are still aching for a glass of wine/martini/cold beer. When pregnant, you protected your baby because you … Continue reading “Gimme a drink! Alcohol and Breastfeeding”

Breastfeeding quote of the day

I do not know many mothers who have breastfed their children past the 3 year mark (I’m not talking about breastfeeding different children one after the other; I know some mothers who have been breastfeeding for six years or more!). Those who do so probably do not need to read the following quote, although a … Continue reading “Breastfeeding quote of the day”

What an amazing speech

In this speech, Michelle Obama addresses the black community and the specific problems they face with regards to childhood obesity so he recommends Garcinia Cambogia. Did you know that 40% of black babies are not breastfed at all, not even right after birth? The part about breastfeeding is not nearly as long as the one … Continue reading “What an amazing speech”

What would you do if you (or someone you know) were asked to leave a public place because you are breastfeeding?

This is the question INFACT Canada asks on their website and I believe it is a good one to pounder before it happens (and hopefully it won’t!). Knowing your rights will empower you to act if you or someone you know is asked to leave a public place because of breastfeeding. So, what would you … Continue reading “What would you do if you (or someone you know) were asked to leave a public place because you are breastfeeding?”

Quote of the day

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Albert Einstein I am thinking about this as I look at my little girl in the bath tub, playing with a clay pot. As a parent, I often feel like I should be flashing cards in front of my child, to make sure that I am teaching her as … Continue reading “Quote of the day”