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Breast is best. As breastfeeding mothers, we, probably more than anybody else, know it. If we do not take one minute to stop the baby milk marketing scam, who will? I think the Baby Milk Action Group in the UK is doing an amazing job at protecting mothers and babies. Lets join our forces and help them in this important work.

Take a minute to help stop Nestle’s latest baby milk marketing scam.

You probably know about the Nestle boycott and the way Nestle pushes its baby milk around the world.

Nestle’s latest global strategy is to promote its baby milk with the claim that it ‘protects’ babies, even though it knows babies fed on it are more likely to become sick than breastfed babies and, in conditions of poverty, more likely to die. Nestle is claiming its baby milk aids brain and eye development and supports the immune system. It has added prominent, colourful logos to product labels in 120 countries, undermining the obligatory ‘breastfeeding is best for babies’ warnings that the boycott campaign helped to bring in. Nestle is also targeting health workers to promote its claims.

Nestle’s claims do not stand up to scrutiny and break the international marketing standards introduced by the World Health Assembly.

According to UNICEF: “Improved breastfeeding practices and reduction of artificial feeding could save an estimated 1.5 million children a year”. As UNICEF, the World Health Organisation, governments and health campaigners try to spread the message that breastfeeding protects babies, Nestle is using its massive resources to try to convince mothers and health workers that its baby milk ‘protects’.

For further information and a message that takes ONE MINUTE to send to Nestlé, see:


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