Get thinking with today’s breastfeeding quote

Yes, that’s right, breastfeeding is more than milk! I think this quote is rather thought provocative, probably because of the use of the three letter word. But hey, what did you do to get pregnant in the first place? There are moments like this when I feel very prude and I wonder why. The quote does not say that breastfeeding is like having sex, it simply says that there is more to breastfeeding than milk, and more to sex than semen. We can all relate to that, and that is why such a simple comparison can be that powerful. And emotional.

“To reduce breastfeeding to milk is like reducing sex to semen.”

Rachel Myr, Lactnet list facilitator, named “Midwife of the Year 2008″ in Norway, as quoted in Lactnet

What are your thoughts on this?

glass of milk

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