New Momzelle Nursing Tops Have Arrived!

Shop the new Momzelle nursing tops styles and colours

Shop our newest selection of Momzelle nursing tops online. They arrived early last week and they are already selling very fast. Hurry to get the style and size you want before it is too late! This may sound like a cheesy selling argument, but believe me, it is no joke. Just think of the speed at which the nursing hoody in berry was gone! We now only have it in XS and XL. The new styles are available in extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large and even, due to the high demand, in extra-extra-large. Each one of us should feel pretty and good while breastfeeding in public!

I love the new pictures that are up on the website. You can see what the top would really look like on you. I swear no one will know you are wearing a nursing top, even in your mommy groups.

Nursing nightgown

I think the nursing nightgown is very pretty, with its cute fushia lettuce edge finish at the sleeve and at the bottom hem. It comes in black/with fushia trim and navy/with fushia trim. You can wear this one at the hospital, back home while you rest and not only can you feel pretty every night in bed with your partner, you can also feel good if anyone stops by for a surprise visit. They won’t believe you have just given birth.

NEW! Momzelle Nursing Nightgown ($75)
NEW! Momzelle Nursing Nightgown ($75)

Belly Band/ Nursing Band

Also new, we have a Momzelle belly/nursing band. This one I like because you can wear it during and after your pregnancy. It makes a very nice baby shower gift too if you do not know if the mom will nurse or not, because whatever happens, she will be able to wear this belly band. Simply wear it under your regular clothing. When pregnant, it covers your bump and covers the space between the end of your t-shirt and the beginning of your pants (the band will come down to your hips).

After birth, you can wear it a little higher, all the way to under your breasts (actually, a friend of mine wore hers as a night bra, her breasts had overgrown her bras and she needed something to hold her nursing pads- and sometimes cabbage leaves – in place). This way, when you need to nurse, you simply lift your shirt and your belly, sides and back are covered.

All right, I do not think this is as good as a nursing top (the nursing top is less bulky and covers also your other breast while you nurse), but I do believe it makes a good – and price sensitive – alternative to it. Plus, nursing or not, I think this should be part of every woman’s wardrobe (mommy or not). I HATE it when I’m sitting and you can see my bum. This belly band completely solves the problem.

Momzelle Belly Band/Nursing Band
Momzelle Belly Band/Nursing Band

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