Happy Earth Day!

It is this time of year again: the leaves are coming out, the trees are becoming green, the birds are singing and I am amazed by mother nature. From eating more locally grown food to using vinegar and baking soda as cleaning products, there are many little things that we can all do to help the planet. Earth Day is the day to reflect on what actions we are taking to bring our hopes closer to reality.

It's Earth Day!
It's Earth Day!

Random thoughts about beeing a “green mom” with an environmentally-socially responsible business (Momzelle):

– I need to back off on Tim Horton’s coffee, that paper cup may go in the recycling, but it is better not to use one to start with… Reduce is the first “R”!

– there was no need for toxic products in my house, I stopped cleaning;) ! Actually not true, but I exclusively used baking soda and vinegar as cleaning products. These products are the most versatile ones ever.

– The boxes we use made of recycled paper and the envelopes we mail the Momzelle nursing tops in are recyclable. We ask some bigger companies to stop sending big catalogues every time we order in order to limit the waste.

– Some kid-friendly earth-day activities: bring them to the local park and pick up garbage left on the ground for 15-30 minutes, plant a tree (if you have a backyard) or start your own garden!

– Make  a pledge on the official Earth Day website. Commit to something realistic and stick to your pledge!

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