Breastfeeding Books for Kids

Look at these great breastfeeding books for kids (Momzelle is not associated in any way with the company that sells the books, I just really like the selection and the spirit of this natural parenting/breastfeeding friendly website). I love the bright colours and the messages of love and care the stories convey. For those interested … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Books for Kids”

Running and breastfeeding (at the same time)?

There are specific races organized for breastfeeding mums, like the Mommy MilkShake Marathon, but this picture was not taken at such a specific event. Randomly taken by Michael Packer, the photo shows a mother breastfeeding her baby while participating to a race in New Zealand. How neat is that? I think this is a physical exploit. I … Continue reading “Running and breastfeeding (at the same time)?”

Protecting babies is everyone’s business

Angela White, a breastfeeding councillor in the United States who writes an amazing breastfeeding blog on Blisstree, talked about Senator Edward Kennedy last Fall. I really like her entry and I thought I would share it with you today. I wish I did more to protect babies and mothers. Once you have a certain knowledge, … Continue reading “Protecting babies is everyone’s business”

Articles sur l’allaitement prolongé

Voici deux chouettes articles sur l’allaitement prolongé. Ce qui m’a frappé dans celui de La Presse, c’est qu’aucune mère ne se dit “tiens, je vais allaiter mon enfant plus de deux ans”. L’allaitement se prolonge naturellement, principalement parce que les deux personnes intéressées (le bébé et la mère) sont bien. Quand un bébé aime être … Continue reading “Articles sur l’allaitement prolongé”

Breastfeeding with a Momzelle nursing top on Dragons’ Den

First of all, I want to thank you all for your amazing support. I have received an overwhelming response after my appearance on the Dragons’ Den show on CBC  Wednesday  March 3rd 2010 and this has proven to be extremely positive and encouraging. I am really glad that they chose to present both breastfeeding and … Continue reading “Breastfeeding with a Momzelle nursing top on Dragons’ Den”