Update: Momzelle on Dragons’ Den

It is now confirmed, I will be on the CBC Dragons’ Den show on March 3rd 2010, 8PM. Tune in to see a new mom (my sister-in-law, Erin) breastfeeding in front of 1 700 000 viewers! Talk about promoting breastfeeding… Youhouuu ! Dragons’ Den is a reality TV show in which entrepreneurs “pitch” their business idea to rich investors. Having created Momzelle after the birth of my daughter, in order to feel at ease while breastfeeding her in public settings, this show was a perfect fit for my brother and I’s business. Unfortunately, you will not see Vincent’s pretty face on the show, he decided to let me face the Dragons alone (luckily, Erin was there:) I’m so glad I got such a great woman’s support)!!!

Update: here is the segment! Click here to read the blog post I wrote after the airing.

8 thoughts on “Update: Momzelle on Dragons’ Den”

  1. That’s amazing, that’s so great that you braved the Dragon’s Den! Hooray for Erin promoting breastfeeding in front of those viewers, and I really hope it leads to even greater things for you and Momzelle.


    1. Thank you Kirsten! I had forgotten that the program’s was first born in the UK: of course you know the show. It is not very well known in Quebec, where I’m from. Do you know anyone who’s been on the show in the UK? It seems like every entrepreneur I know over here has considered going!

  2. My husband and I love Dragon’s Den! They have a similar show in the US now called the Shark Tank. I think it’s one of the best “reality” tv shows out there. I will mark this on my calendar to be sure I don’t miss it. Way to go for going up against them. I know it’s too late to say “I hope you get what you want,” but I’ll be rooting for you all the same.

  3. Do you know if/when this will be aired on BBC America? I know I’ve seen “Dragon’s Den” on the listings schedule but I don’t know if they show the current season or all the episodes or what. If so I’ll definitely watch!

    1. Hello! I really have no idea. I did not think the program aired on another network. The Dragon’s Den you have seen may be the one from the UK. If you have satellite tv, you probably can watch any channel though.

  4. Just saw your product on Dragon’s Den and I love it! I’ve tried other nursing tops and hated them because they opened vertically, leaving my breast exposed. The horizontal opening is so superior! I breast fed my daughter for 11 months and I’ve been breast feeding my son for 13 months. I wish I had known about these tops earlier! I will pass on this site to all of my friends that are expecting and new moms!
    There was only one smart dragon in the den tonight!

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