Pool breastfeeder gets apology

Kuddos to Cinira Longuinho, who did not accept to be thrown out of a privately owned swimming pool because she was breastfeeding her daughter in the water. She was asked to leave by the owner on the basis ofprovincial regulations prohibiting food and/or drinks in or around pools. The matter was brought to the Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal and the owner of the Newmarket pool, Ellie Karkouti, had to apologise and agreed to donate $2000 to a women shelter as well as post signs stating that breastfeeding is allowed in and around the water. The provincial regulations are still unclear for pool owners, but this case should make it clearer. Women ARE allowed to breastfeed and babies are allowed to be breastfeed in and around swimming pools !

This case is very similar to one that happened in Quebec public swimming pool a few months ago, and where the mother also received (on top of a financial compensation) the apology of the city and got breastfeeding positive signs posted at the city’s facilities. Public breastfeeding needs to be encouraged and the right to do so has to be protected. Big thanks to the women who stand for their rights, it is empowering for all other women !


I’m also glad to say that this news made it to the second page of the Toronto Star on Saturday, January 16, 2010.

5 thoughts on “Pool breastfeeder gets apology”

  1. Wow! This is great to have made such publicity! The same thing happened to my friend in that we were in a WOMENS clothing store in a what I thought was quite liberal town in NZ and the PREGNANT shop assistant threatened to kick my friend out for breastfeeding if the other NON EXISTANT customers complained! Little did shop assistant know that I am a staunch breastfeeder up with the legalities surrounding breastfeeding and discrimination…in a nutshell, the owner of the shop was horrified this had happened, extremely apologetic and gave us a $25 voucher each. Wow, $2000 sounds much better! Next time I’ll be making a bigger fuss! (uh, hope there won’t be a next time).

    1. so its not about the money….. greedy, greedy, greedy….. using your child to make extra cash. i am sure that the lady in this case was hoping for the same.

      thats why the business owner insisted on DONATING the money. Greedy people like you and the lady in this case get nothing…..

      hopefully more business owners will put up a fight against people such as yourself.

      1. Hello! Thanks to everyone for commenting. I just want to add here that we are all here to support each other with regards to public breastfeeding. This is not about money, it is about empowering women and giving them the knowledge that they need in order to feel comfortable and proud while breastfeeding in public. Discrimination towards breastfeeding moms should be pointed at so that the public can be educated about mothers’ rights and become supportive of them. We can do this!

  2. Wow, I just can’t believe this still happens! I am still feeding my 17 month old and already get a few looks when she feeds in public. She is till so small too!
    Is there something written somewhere that only a fully grown male is allowed to suck on a breast when he wants?

  3. why would anyone want to breastfeed in a pool…. the thought of feeding my child in a public pool where you have hundreds of butts in everyday makes me sick…..

    i am glad the pool owner stood up to this lady. The ministry of health seems to be too afraid to set up a policy that will protect this child and other children.

    Come on mom’s…. do you really need the ministry of health to tell you that certain things just should not be done….. god gave us all brains… lets use it.

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