Breastfeeding Poem – Dr. Seuss Style

Here is a very cute breastfeeding advocacy poem  in the Dr. Seuss style of Green Eggs and Ham. It made me smile, let me know if it does the same to you! Dr. Seuss for Nursing Moms Would you nurse her in the park? Would you nurse him in the dark? Would you nurse him … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Poem – Dr. Seuss Style”

Pool breastfeeder gets apology

Kuddos to Cinira Longuinho, who did not accept to be thrown out of a privately owned swimming pool because she was breastfeeding her daughter in the water. She was asked to leave by the owner on the basis ofprovincial regulations prohibiting food and/or drinks in or around pools. The matter was brought to the Ontario’s … Continue reading “Pool breastfeeder gets apology”

A Dreamy Vision by Tolstoy

So peaceful and calm; I’m back with the Monday’s breastfeeding quote. For me, reading this has the effect of stopping the sounds of traffic and all other city noise. Let’s start this week on the right foot ! She pictured a child, her own—like the baby she had seen the day before in the arms … Continue reading “A Dreamy Vision by Tolstoy”

Mark your agendas

Momzelle nursing clothing will be exhibiting at the BabyTime show in Toronto (at the International Centre near the airport) at the end of April 2010 (April 30- May 2).Our booth number is 132, it is on the left when you come in by the main entrance of the show. We are hoping to meet a lot … Continue reading “Mark your agendas”

Maybe on another planet

I just read over the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and I am shocked. Once again. I will copy here the article 5, intitled “The general public and mothers”: 5.1 There should be no advertising or other form of promotion to the general public of products within the scope of this Code (my … Continue reading “Maybe on another planet”

Debate: Should Women Breastfeed in Public?

Really cool breastfeeding debate, with Elizabeth Pantley and Nicki Heskin sharing their point of view on the question. However, both the pro and the con say that women should breastfeed in public, so it makes you want to vote for both ! Women do need our support and yes, of course they should breastfeed in … Continue reading “Debate: Should Women Breastfeed in Public?”