Win a Momzelle nursing top !

This is your chance to win a Momzelle nursing top (the warm v-neck in black, value $50). Thanks to A giveway everyday for organizing it ! You can enter the giveway until December 15th by following the instructions given here.

Here is a small bit of what Hollie, the reviewer, says of her experience with breastfeeding in public. I chose to quote this part of her review because I often hear very similar stories from breastfeeding moms:

most of the time our outings are planned around when the baby was last fed and on making it home in time for his next feeding to avoid the stress of it all. Not anymore! I am loving my Momzelle top, it is amazing! It makes nursing in public so much easier than with a regular t-shirt. No lifting up your shirt…no exposed belly…”

Thanks Hollie !

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