Breastfeeding from 6 to 24+ months : solids how-to

“Protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding for six months… and appropriate complementary foods, with continued breastfeeding for up to two years and beyond.” Complementing breastmilk with high-nutrient, energy dense foods, is not only a public health challenge, it is one that breastfeeding moms face everyday when their breastfed baby reaches 6 months of age. Why … Continue reading “Breastfeeding from 6 to 24+ months : solids how-to”

Behind the scenes of the last photo shoot

I love photo shoots. They are so much fun and very exciting. This time around, we had two wonderful moms and their 5 month old baby girls. Here is a picture of me holding one of the babies while the mom was being photographed with our brand new Momzelle warm v-neck in rust ($50). This … Continue reading “Behind the scenes of the last photo shoot”

The Breastfeeding Father : a Testimonial

Who are the breastfeeding fathers ? What can a dad do when his wife (or as the Topp Twins from New Zealand would say, his “partner for life” is breastfeeding) ? We often hear that the bottle allows allows dads to take part and feel included in the baby feedings. As this testimonial from Jonathan … Continue reading “The Breastfeeding Father : a Testimonial”

Wonderful Spanish Breastfeeding Video

I love this video (and the fact that it is the dads who are speaking about breastfeeding) ! Out of all the great things there are in this video, I like that the moms are nursing older babies in public, without hiding. Breastfeeding is completely natural, like the way it should be. When will we … Continue reading “Wonderful Spanish Breastfeeding Video”

Why do moms quit breastfeeding ?

That is a tough question. It is the one Cheryl Clock of The Standard, a local newspaper in St-Catherines, Ontario, tackles in her article “Breast milk is best” published October 5th 2009. Here is an excerpt: A recent study done by Brock University and the Niagara public health department found that just 40 per cent … Continue reading “Why do moms quit breastfeeding ?”