Fired because she pumped: “Working moms need a break”

unbranded-medela-mini-electric-breast-pumpI invite you to read this article by Connie Schultz “Working moms need a break”. It relates the story of a Cincinatti mom who got fired because she pumped her milk during an unscheduled break, and moreover the story of the Ohio supreme court who just ruled that breastfeeding is not a gender specific ability (what, excuse me ?). Breastfeeding in public is protected by the law in Ohio, but not the rights of breastfeeding moms who are working ? This is truly ridiculous.  A few minutes ago I caught myself hoping that every member of the court, men and women, who decided on that ruling got a very heavy case of mastitis for not removing their milk out of their breasts often enough. Si j’étais une sorcière aux pouvoirs maléfiques, ce serait instantané ! Les femmes méritent un meilleur traitement, c’est simplement indécent. Parfois, je me demande où nous en sommes avec la condition féminine…

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