Crafty Mom uses the Momzelle Label

For my daughter I made dolls with two heads (you lift the skirt to hide one head, you put it down to hide the other), a dice made of felt, baby quilts, and lots of hand and finger puppets. Every time I thought to myself: oh, this would make such a great business, I could sell those.

This is also what a Quebec mom thought of her little “touchy feely” sensory toys, which she calls “Bébétiquette” (which I translate here as “Babylabel”). Except that she is really working on it ! She is currently in the process of making them at a larger scale, so that every little baby can have one to play with.

Look at this ! The toy is made with the labels of brands that she enjoys and endorses, like Momzelle nursing clothing. I love it ! She has a few designs, all equally lovely.

Home made toy with a Momzelle label / Bébétiquette avec étiquette Momzelle
Handmade sensory toy with Momzelle label/Bébétiquette avec étiquette Momzelle


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