How to nurse on a plane

This is the best testimonial  EVER about nursing on an airplane, thank you so much Kerri for sharing it ! It is in the Momz photos section of, even though there was no picture attached to it. Truly, there was no need for one, as the story says it all. This email made my … Continue reading “How to nurse on a plane”

When breastfeeding moms run, milk shakes.

The Mommy Milkshake Marathon I love the humour ! I started running a few weeks ago and really enjoy it.  I wish I could have participated to this run. Going for a run alone is lots of fun, you get time to think, to reflect on your life, but going for a run with lots … Continue reading “When breastfeeding moms run, milk shakes.”

Good Birth and Breastfeeding Reads /Bons livres sur l’accouchement et l’allaitement

When it comes to birth and breastfeeding,  reading fiction is nice, but simple facts and up-to-date, purposeful, information is best. Here are my top picks, must-read books: If you were 37 weeks pregnant, with almost no time left before the big day, I’d say go for these two: Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth: It … Continue reading “Good Birth and Breastfeeding Reads /Bons livres sur l’accouchement et l’allaitement”

Do I need a Pump if I stay at Home with my Baby?

Do you need a pump if you stay at home with your baby and breastfeeding is going well ? My quick and dirty answer: no.  Most moms will say that you need a pump if you want to go out occasionaly and have your mom, your mother-in-law or anyone else looking after your child for … Continue reading “Do I need a Pump if I stay at Home with my Baby?”

Crafty Mom uses the Momzelle Label

For my daughter I made dolls with two heads (you lift the skirt to hide one head, you put it down to hide the other), a dice made of felt, baby quilts, and lots of hand and finger puppets. Every time I thought to myself: oh, this would make such a great business, I could … Continue reading “Crafty Mom uses the Momzelle Label”

Fired because she pumped: “Working moms need a break”

I invite you to read this article by Connie Schultz “Working moms need a break”. It relates the story of a Cincinatti mom who got fired because she pumped her milk during an unscheduled break, and moreover the story of the Ohio supreme court who just ruled that breastfeeding is not a gender specific ability (what, … Continue reading “Fired because she pumped: “Working moms need a break””