Provocative Breastfeeding Calendar

A topless mom is being held by her equally topless partner while nursing her baby, a young mother is wearing a revealing black lace bra and puts make-up on while she has the baby at the breast, various mothers nursing in public… and yes, small bits and bigger bits of breasts showing on the pictures. One breastfeeding picture for each month. The photographs by Denise Burrows Photography and Lisa Scott Photography are simply amazing. The calendar was prepared by the moms who go to the UK Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe. They wanted breastfeeding to look as it is for them: natural and simple. And it does.shapeimage_2

Picture of a nursing mom with her partner, by Denise Burrows and Lisa Scott Photography
Picture of a nursing mom putting make-up on, by Denise Burrows and Lisa Scott Photography

I had a look around the Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe’s website and found this very amusing cake. I am still smiling as I am writing this: 



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Breastfeeding cake by the Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe

I thought I’d share the picture with you ! These women have a great sense of humour and are verryy creative ! I love it.

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