Cow Milk for Big Fat Calfs

The Dairy Council tells us: Milk is nature’s most perfect food. The Dairy Council doesn’t tell us: Milk is nature’s most perfect food for a baby calf, who has four stomachs, will double its weight in 47 days, and is destined to weigh 300 pounds within a year! —– Unknown  My source for this quote: … Continue reading “Cow Milk for Big Fat Calfs”

Provocative Breastfeeding Calendar

A topless mom is being held by her equally topless partner while nursing her baby, a young mother is wearing a revealing black lace bra and puts make-up on while she has the baby at the breast, various mothers nursing in public… and yes, small bits and bigger bits of breasts showing on the pictures. … Continue reading “Provocative Breastfeeding Calendar”

La poupée qui allaite : pour ou contre ?

Une nouvelle poupée pour enfants en plastique un peu “gadget” vient de sortir en Espagne. Elle s’appelle la poupée Gloton et émet des sons de succion lorsque l’enfant porte une petite veste spéciale et qu’il approche la poupée de sa poitrine. Contrairement aux poupées qui allaitent dont j’ai déjà parlé sur mon blogue, il ne … Continue reading “La poupée qui allaite : pour ou contre ?”

Breastfeeding: a Woman’s Power

Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote I sometimes encounter women, thinking of themselves as feminists, who wonder if breastfeeding is a power or a slave work. They’ve heard the popular saying that formula is a progress for the woman’s condition (it may have seemed like it in the 70’s, when the formula-feeding’s trend was at its peak, but … Continue reading “Breastfeeding: a Woman’s Power”

Fraîchement arrivés ! Nouveaux modèles Momzelle croisés

Nouveau et beau comme tout ! À la demande générale, nous avons développé notre gamme de vêtements d’allaitement et offrons le haut d’allaitement Momzelle avec une ouverture croisée très discrète. Le t-shirt d’allaitement croisé (en bleuet, blanc et noir), la cami d’allaitement croisée (en blanc seulement pour le moment) et le confo croisé (à manches … Continue reading “Fraîchement arrivés ! Nouveaux modèles Momzelle croisés”

Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

I have decided that once a week (let’s see how long this will last !), I would post a breastfeeding quote here. Monday seems like a good day for that, as we all need a little boost for the week. So here is a quote from Gabrielle Palmer, the author of the Politics of Breastfeeding: … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote”

How to please a breastfeeding mom

Smile and tell her that you find breastfeeding beautiful ! Let me tell you, it will make her day.  Here is a comment from a mom, found in a discussion about breastfeeding in public : “It is amazing what a difference a positive comment or smile can make. I still remember the first time I … Continue reading “How to please a breastfeeding mom”

World Breastfeeding Week : Saving babies’ lives

It is now World Breastfeeding Week ! It started on August 1rst and it is on until the 7th. This year’s theme is breastfeeding as a vital emergency response. Watch this UNICEF video about how breastfeeding is really far superior to formula when comes an emergency (especially when finding clean water becomes a challenge): Breastfeeding: … Continue reading “World Breastfeeding Week : Saving babies’ lives”