Feeling Girly: Momzelle Berry Nursing Tank Tops are Back in

Hello everyone, I was away on vacation for the past two weeks (hurray !) and I am now back, with a restocked inventory of Momzelle vicky nursing tank tops in berry (45$). I could not believe how fast these went when we received them. You nursing moms really love them, which makes me very glad. I love the berry colour too, it is very feminine and fun without being tacky or bubble-gummy. It looks great with a tan as well, so take advantage of those hours in the sun to look at your best.


If you have suggestions of colours for the Fall that you would like to see your next Momzelle nursing top in, please let me know as I am currently on the look out for new fun and hip colours. I should also say, since I am looking at the Momzelle Vicky’s nursing top in chocolate right now, that the colour is actually darker than it appears on the picture.

And as a side note, the kaki colour looks AMAZING with a tan. So for all of you with lighter skin tones during the year, hurry and get in the sun with one of our Momzelle nursing tanks ! Not only your babe will benefit from some real vitamin D input, but until July 31rst, when you buy two nursing tops, you get free regular shipping. This is an offer not to be missed !

2 thoughts on “Feeling Girly: Momzelle Berry Nursing Tank Tops are Back in”

  1. Your shirts used to be organic. You even used to have a page on the benefits of using organic cotton farming processes. What’s up? Did the almighty dollar reign supreme once again? It’s too bad momzelle didn’t stick to your ethics.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your comment. Most of our shirts ARE organic (our black will always be, and our olive and red fabrics are as well) ! Crazy enough, our decision to introduce conventional cotton was not a matter of money but of supply. None of our values have changed. It is close to impossible for a company of our size to find organic fabric (in various colours) in today’s North American market. Hopefully this will change in the near future. We keep asking our suppliers for it !

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