Single in Seattle

After reading that, according to a recently published survey, 25% of French women under 35 feel discomfort when they see other women breastfeeding in public, it is nice to read this little entry by a Singles’ blogger in Seattle: . It is refreshing to read a young and single guy’s perspective on breastfeeding in … Continue reading “Single in Seattle”

Breastfeeding cards

Hurray for Washington nursing moms ! Yesterday the state of Washington declared breastfeeding in public a civil right. They will even distribute little breastfeeding cards for mothers to hand out when confronted. I found this funny blog post about what could be written on breastfeeding cards: “I’ll nurse in the bathroom when you eat your lunch in the … Continue reading “Breastfeeding cards”

Feeling Girly: Momzelle Berry Nursing Tank Tops are Back in

Hello everyone, I was away on vacation for the past two weeks (hurray !) and I am now back, with a restocked inventory of Momzelle vicky nursing tank tops in berry (45$). I could not believe how fast these went when we received them. You nursing moms really love them, which makes me very glad. … Continue reading “Feeling Girly: Momzelle Berry Nursing Tank Tops are Back in”

Mothers in Columbus, Ohio, say they won’t smother their babies with blankets while breastfeeding

And I support that ! Some babies bite and kick when their heads get covered up (nothing beats a Momzelle nursing top for privacy; no need to smother your child).  Read the whole article published in the It is pretty funny, as this group of moms called “Hooray for Boobies” really kick some behinds.