Is my Medication compatible with Breastfeeding ?

Most drugs and medication do pass into the mother’s milk, but only about 1% of it does get to the baby (we are not talking about drugs taken during the labour, which is a whole different story). Most drugs ARE compatible with breastfeeding, only in very rare cases moms need to pump and dump their milk or stop breastfeeding altogether. In fact, almost only chemotherapy is really countraindicated with breastfeeding. But even then, moms can pump and save their milk for when they will be in treatment for their cancer, pump and dump during the treatment, and have the baby back at the breast after. You would need to speak with your doctor about it.

There usually exist safe alternatives to drugs that are not compatible with breastfeeding (some pills, for example, will dry your milk supply in no time, so getting the right information and the right treatment is crucial for breastfeeding moms). The website LACTMED, part of the United States Library of Medicine, gives lenghty information about the effects of each drug/medication on breastfeeding. Here is the link to the Drugs and Lactation database :

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