Best for Babes : promoting breastfeeding in a trendy way


I love this ad by the Best for Babes foundation and most of all I like the positive message it sends to mothers and mothers to be. It can be found within the pages of Fit Pregnancy magazine this month (June 2009 issue). Here is what the co-founders, Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg, of this great pro-breastfeeding foundation have to say about the ad:

Our gorgeous ad’s tagline resonates with current events and zeros in on the huge cost of undermining mothers efforts to nurse.   Every mom deserves to be allowed to make the best decision for her baby and her family and those who WANT to and CAN nurse should not be “booby trapped”!   Help us give breastfeeding a makeover, raise awareness of and break down the barriers, and make this “the mother of all causes” with the funding and visibility of all the diseases it protects against. Moms don’t need to be judged, pressured or made to feel guilty, they need to be respected, cheered on, coached and celebrated, and above all, allowed and helped to succeed!! 

I recently took part in a long discussion about what can be done to promote breastfeeding. This is a very complicated issue. Some very strong breastfeeding advocates believe that simply stating all the benefits of breastfeeding does not convince anyone to breastfeed, but that you need real life examples of how nice mothers feel when they breastfeed. I tend to agree with that, although simply stated benefits did convince me big time to nurse my little one. Benefits don’t have to be so scientifically driven, I mean, it is great if they are, but in the end, being told that you will not have anything to carry around but yourself, that you will not have anything to heat or to buy (except a nursing bra and Momzelle nursing tops in order to look gorgeous and not to undress completely when you nurse in public:)), really counts the most in the balance. Breastfeeding is just so practical.

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