5 things to consider before buying a nursing top

Let’s imagine that you already want a nursing top, in order to feel confident while nursing in public. There are many brands and types of nursing openings out there. How will you choose which one is right for you? Here are a few things to look for when you want to buy a nursing top.

1. Ease of use

This is probably the most important criteria: a nursing opening that is easy to use. The opening itself should be large enough for your baby to open a wide mouth and have a good latch on your breast. You should also be able to access it one-handed (buttons and zippers make the task harder, they delay the access to the breast, and I would personally be afraid of hurting the baby). Nursing tops with vertical slits can be odd, as there may not be enough space for the baby to latch on even after you’ve stretched the fabric.

2. Privacy

Make sure the nursing top insures your privacy. Unlike baby blankets or nursing covers, nursing tops will not be kicked off by your little one’s feet and hands. Nevertheless, you have to make sure it will not burst open when you do not want it to. Any nursing opening that you lift protects you from that.

3. Stretch

A higher quality garment will contain spandex or Lycra, which allow the fabric to stretch and take back its shape. It is important to have that if you want the top last and still look good after a few washes. Nursing tops are meant to be used a lot!

4. Lenght

Is the nursing top long enough to cover your tummy ? Above the issue of not showing any bare breast skin, most mothers are concerned with not showing their newly gained stretch marks. Beware of short nursing tops, who would only do half the work needed. Also, for tall mothers, longer nursing tops are available.

5. Style

You do not have to look like a bag because you nurse: fitted and fashionable nursing tops do exist. You should look as good as you feel after you’ve had your baby. If you were to buy only one nursing top, I would recommend one that you will be able to wear over and over (forget the leopard full body print). A black v-neck tee and a black tank top are easy to dress up and easy to wear.

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