Relaxed Mother = Easier Breastfeeding

Alison Stuebe, M.D., a mother of three and an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the UNC School of Medicine, wrote yesterday in the North Carolina’s News and Observer that we should take care of mothers not only on Mothers’ Day, but every single day of the year. A large majority of American mothers (75%) start out by breastfeeding their babies, but one in five, according to Stuebe, is forced to stop early because of a lack of support and too much stress.

In order to help moms and babies enjoy a longer and more relaxing breastfeeding relationship that is mutually beneficial, she suggests that we reach out and help each other, by taking an older sibling to the park, preparing a meal for the new mom on our street, and by calling our legislator and tell him that it’s time to outlaw discrimination and guarantee paid family leave in the United States. In honor of all mothers.

At Momzelle, it is our mission to help mothers feel good about breastfeeding, and being relaxed definitely helps. Wearing appropriate clothing is not like changing the legislation, but I truly believe it can make a difference in the daily life of a mother. Let us know how your Momzelle nursing top has helped you have a more relaxing breastfeeding relationship !

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