Quiz: does your doctor really support breastfeeding ?

“Breast is best” is what most doctors will tell you. But do they go beyond that statement and really support breastfeeding mothers and nurslings ? With these 4 simple questions, you can figure out the answer for yourself and see if your doctor is really supportive of breastfeeding. 1. Does he give you free formula … Continue reading “Quiz: does your doctor really support breastfeeding ?”

Des compliments pour les vêtements d’allaitement Momzelle

Nous recevons des appels depuis plusieurs semaines de mères qui ont entendu parler de nous dans le magazine québécois Espace Parents. Ça y est, je viens de voir de quoi il s’agit ! Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante à la journaliste Emmanuelle Plante qui a choisi de parler de nous dans le numéro d’avril-mai 2009. Sa … Continue reading “Des compliments pour les vêtements d’allaitement Momzelle”

Breastfeeding: Good for Mom’s Heart (new study)

The study, published in the May 2009 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is the first to show that there “really is a strong effect in terms of preventing heart attacks and stroke for women who nursed for more than six months,” says lead author Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, of the University of Pittsburgh. Close to … Continue reading “Breastfeeding: Good for Mom’s Heart (new study)”

Banking on Breastmilk (info, facts and list of human milk banks)

Contrary to the general belief (and advertising we read in a lot of magazines), the second best thing after breastfeeding is not formula. The World Health Organization is very clear about it: the best thing for your baby is your own breastmilk given by way of breastfeeding (good for the development of your baby’s mouth … Continue reading “Banking on Breastmilk (info, facts and list of human milk banks)”

What to eat when breastfeeding

Many new mothers wonder if they should follow a special diet while they are breastfeeding. The good news is that you probably don’t need to make any major changes to what you eat or drink during this time. Just remember:  A well-balanced diet is important for your health One of the wonders of breast milk is that … Continue reading “What to eat when breastfeeding”

Nursing tip from a Momzelle customer

I hope lots of you enjoyed wearing your Momzelle nursing tops at your Easter family reunions. Here is a tip that a very kind Momzelle customer sent me by email this morning. She has been going to a breastfeeding clinic with her newborn and the lactation consultants there really liked her Momzelle nursing top. So … Continue reading “Nursing tip from a Momzelle customer”

Momzelle in L’Express de Toronto

I am so proud ! Once again, Momzelle is in the news. This time, it is the Toronto French newspaper L’Express who got interested in the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (la FCJE en français: La fondation canadienne pour les jeunes entrepreneurs). Vincent and I were chosen to exemplify CYBF’s work. How great is that ? … Continue reading “Momzelle in L’Express de Toronto”

Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll

I had never seen such dolls before: breastfeeding dolls (the newborn or toddler attaches to his mother’s breast with velcro or a snap fastener, some are actually really cute waldorf style dolls, see below) birthing dolls (the newborn can get in and out of the mother’s womb, probably a very good way to show a … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll”

Faisons-nous confiance

J’étais bien contente de lire cet article dans La Presse en faveur du savoir intuitif  parental. En gros, la journaliste Silvia Galipeau raconte que les livres n’expliquent pas tout et que rien ne vaut les rapports avec des vrais gens. Je suis peut-être moi-même un rat de bibliothèque, bien qu’un peu moins depuis la naissance de ma … Continue reading “Faisons-nous confiance”