Nursing discreetly, really ?

It is often a matter of love or hate when it comes to nursing covers.  I personally think they achieve one of their goals, and that’s fine with me: nobody sees the bare breast or nipple while you nurse. In fact, nobody sees anything at all, and your baby is also in the dark (if he does not kick or push the cover away). Nursing in public with a huge piece of fabric – with or without a wonderful print – covering you and your baby only screams: “Nursing baby over here !”. Here is a commercial advertisement for a nursing cover found on the web. After having watched it twice, I still do not know if I should laugh or cry :


The truth is that I believe nursing covers send the wrong message to other moms and moms-t0-be. Hiding under a fashionable blanket  is really saying that breastfeeding should be done undercover and not in public. Fine for the moms who really would not have nursed outside of their homes or public bathrooms without the drape, breastfeeding with a cover is better than not breastfeeding at all, but for everyone else, there are other options out there. I am not saying that you need to use a special product in order to breastfeed or that you should, on the contrary, show it all. Nursing wear like the one we make at Momzelle does help to nurse discreetly (without exposing your breasts, your back, your sides or your postpartum belly) without hiding the baby, and a lot of people who have never seen a woman nursing would never guess what you are doing. At the same time, wearing appropriate clothes does normalize breastfeeding. Unbuttoning a shirt from bottom up is another way to nurse discreetly and nursing while using a sling is yet another. God forbids, do not give a nursing cover as a present. They may look good, but what they really say is “Look at me, I nurse my baby but I do not want you to see”. Breastfeeding is NOT a shame.

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  1. I just can’t believe how everyone looked at this poor woman with horror, that she might just nurse in public without a cover…oh no! I hear your point on the nursing covers. Whether or not a woman choses to use one should be up to her, not pressure from society.

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