Baby in Brussels’ Parliement (edit: it appears that it happened in Strasbourg, not Brussels. Sorry !)

A Danish member of the European parliement took her baby with her at work last week. So, what’s the fuss about ? Well, it seems like a little gesture like this one may mean a lot for all of us, and that Hanne Dahl may be a new pionneer of women’s rights. Two weeks ago, the Danish MEP criticized (rightly, in my mind) the parliement for not allowing MEPs to go on maternity leave. Can you believe that ? MEPs who become pregnant during their terms cannot go on maternity leave but have to step down from their position if they want to spend time with their babies. They are also not allowed to come back. In the coming week, Dahl declared she will put forward a proposal to allow MEPs, female or male, take parental leave.  Dahl denied having taken her baby at work to make a statement, but I wish she had done so ! It appears that her husband, who usually babysits, was unable to do so that day. 

In Western Europe, the Scandinavians are the most progressive when it comes to maternity/parental leave and childcare. Dahl notes: “In Denmark we have a very relaxed attitude towards breastfeeding in public, and the same ought to be the same here.”  You go girl !


MEP Hanne Dahl's three month old in parliement (Brussels).
MEP Hanne Dahl's three month old.

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