Momzelle now has a picture gallery of breastfeeding moms

That’s it ! Our new website is on. It is not perfect, that’s for sure (one of the main problems being that the shopping cart empties when you click outside of the shopping window), but we are very proud to have a new section with photos of moms wearing Momzelle nursing tops.  They are beautiful ! Have a look, click on this link: 

Thank you so much for all the moms who sent their photos !

More pictures will be added as we receive them by email. Do you have a picture that you’d like to send us ? Please do so ! Send it to  ¨info at momzelle dot com¨

Have a great day everyone (snif, I know almost no one will read this, as I am only testing my ability to write a blog regularly. I am starting to enjoy this, and I wish we will make a deal out of it soon !).

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